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Castle Rock Carpet Cleaning by Skyline Carpet Cleaning

Skyline Carpet Cleaning Services is a carpet cleaning service located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Castle Rock carpet cleaning by Skyline Carpet Cleaning will have you on your way to a cleaner home! The business was started as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of the owner operator, Jake Meredith. The company is locally owned and operated and guarantees its services 100%.
As a licensed electrician for ten years, Jake toiled for many years in the hardship of travel and long spells away from the comforts of home to follow where his work was needed. After deciding his family was very important to him and learning the needs of the local market, Jake decided to bring his dedication to hard work and exceptional quality and service to the carpet cleaning business. As an “Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification” licensed business owner Jake certifies his business knowledge and the accuracy of his work, as is demonstrated by the training course that review all aspects of the carpet cleaning industry and the restoration processes involved in this particular business. The training course is a very difficult one, as many people fail the demands of satisfactory results to achieve the certification. It can be assured that Jake understands the traits necessary to fully comply with all of his customer’s needs.
Related to the process by which a carpet is cleaned, the first step is to walk through the house to understand the job at hand. The next step is a discussion with the customer to assure the right type of service and the budget the customer has in mind. Problem areas are also identified at the initial review of the carpet. After the initial process, the carpet is then vacuumed, which is a critical step in the process. The areas for cleaning are then prepped with furniture guards and the area is pretreated. After raking the carpet, it is then steamed and dried with the aid of fans. After the carpet is dried, the area looks like new and no evidence of the cleaning crew is left behind!
In terms of the services that this Highlands Ranch business offers, Skyline offers Air Duct Cleaning and Tile and Grouting cleaning services in addition to its main carpet cleaning services. In order to ensure his customers are satisfied with the results of his job, no satisfaction means payment will not be expected. The carpet solutions used are safe for pets and children. Review of the customer testimonials submitted by real customers seems to indicate the high level of customer satisfaction relayed and point to a very good customer experience. 

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